Club evolution

Steve marsh (M0NMA)

It was a good idea to publicise this group via the Essex Ham survey on the back of the Radcom article about the future of Radio Clubs.

I have been licensed for almost 2 years and should get my full licence shortly, and am now chairman of our club. Being new to the hobby means that I am still very enthusiastic about the hobby, but it also means that I have limited experience, which is both a good and a bad thing (I don’t know what to do sometimes, but also have no preconceptions).

Our club is small (20 members) but is doing ok, with a full programme of talks this year and a number of activities. We have had 2 foundation passes and one intermediate already this year, and 5 new members.

We were awarded the small club of the year at last year’s Hamfest (thanks to W&S for the FT450D we used the prize for) but that did leave us with the challenge of how we can improve. A discussion at the meeting towards the end of last year gave us the following list:

More talks
Better communications to the club
More social activities
More activity

We have tried to do this in the programme and using a mixture of social media, emails and the website to improve communications.

I do think we would all benefit from more collaboration between clubs in a few areas but think, if our club is anything to go by, that there is little point until we get our own clubs in order. Otherwise it is like trying to outsource business activity - if you aren’t in control of the outsourced activity, it won’t end well!

Obvious areas that would help now are collaborating on training materials, assessors and exam facilities, as well as people willing to mentor new members.

What does your club think?