Club Survey: What do members want?

Pete M0PSX

Hi all,

Our 2019 Survey has been running for a full day so far, and has had over 250 responses. I thought I'd share the following.

We asked: "Looking at clubs in general... how important are the following to you personally?"

... and the answers, sorted by priority, are as follows:

Up-to-date website 80%  
Training 77%  
Practical / Skills / Hands-on Activities 74%  
Regular Club Meetings 65%  
Field Days for members 60%  
Guest Speakers / Talks 59%  
Club Station / On-air Shack 57%  
Active Social Media (Facebook/Twitter) 53%  
Nets 44%  
Club newsletter 44%  
Social Events (Meals, Pub, BBQs, etc) 41%  
Buying & Selling 32%  
Contests 28%  


Pete M0PSX


Really interesting, would also be interesting to know what aspects people feel are most important for a website

Pete M0PSX

Hi Allan,

I think I can answer that one too. In our 2017 survey, we asked just that question. We had 198 responses.

The question was: "Thinking about a club's website. What do you feel is important?"

The following responses selected "Very Important", highest first:

Upcoming Events 82.50%
Details on training / getting started in amateur radio 75.76%
An explanation of what amateur radio is (for newcomers) 70.71%
Articles and features 41.41%
Information on recent (past) events 39.39%
Social Media (Facebook / Twitter) 31.82%
A forum 23.23%
A members-only section 18.18%