Club Websites & SSL

Pete M0PSX

Hi all,

This group was set up to allow those involved with running amateur radio clubs to share ideas, with GDPR being the first topic.
Today, I have a new one - secure websites.

A new version of the Chrome web browser has just been released, and this brands all website that don't have an SSL certificate as "Not secure"

A quick survey of the 53 affiliated clubs/groups in Region 12 reveals that only 7 have "secure" sites. 

Most club websites are static, and don't take data such as credit card details, but some collect email addresses, which are meant to be secured as part of GDPR. Also, insecure sites will apparently do less well in search results.

There's a decent summary of the changes here:

Anyone have any thoughts on whether more clubs need to start showing as "secure"?

Pete M0PSX


I agree SSL is integral with modern web and there is not much of an excuse these days with services like 'LetsEncypt' making it both free & easy