Re: RSGB Convention - Grow, Merge or Disband Your Club

Allan Gallop

Some good points made by all in this thread, I'd like to add to virtual-clubs discussion as I got a lot of feedback to my letter published in Radcom some time ago and the work done by MX0MXO

By virtual-clubs it really has two meanings:
1. Existing clubs expanding out thier online presence to augment beyond just 'club night' and promote community and discussion. lots of clubs are already doing this with websites and social media but I think more is possible such as live streaming meetings / events / training, more nets etc and more of what could be considered hub ideology, wherein non-regular members can still be included in activities and the club. In my original arguments I laid out that by doing such 'virtual' things clubs should be able to co-opt content and activities, something we played with at Mx0 was teleconferencing talks to other clubs and virtual members

2. Purely virtual clubs, aka region 9000 (R9K), these could be social media groups or entities like Mx0mxo which hold no geographic preference and operate only online / on-air. most notably is speciality groups like qrp/disabled-hams/homebrew groups.

I think the virtual element is not well known / detailed, but as someone who has an illness that keeps me from attending club alot I do feel excluded sometimes, simple things like the online buildathon and digimode night went along way

If you look at the maker movement these points will be very familiar as this is how they operate currently, rather than defining walls, groups take every advantage available to them and work with each other. IMHO we should be working together and with non-radio groups such as hackerspaces / makersĀ  / PiJams too as so many interests are shared, and getting more online content out there between us will only help. There is so much freely available technology to do this it's foolish not to use it

apologies for the rant, it's just a vision I have been trying to push for a long time

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