Re: RSGB Convention - Grow, Merge or Disband Your Club

Pete M0PSX

Valid points, and these were discussed:

Training - Less that 40% of clubs offer training, and many of those that do, only do something once or twice a year. There's been talk of a simpler entry-level licence and online training & exams

Learning new skills - Some prefer watching YouTube than waiting a year for their local club to offer a talk on something.

Weather - If weather is inclemant, travelling to clubs may not be practical - so online / video works well. clun attendance often falls in winter months

Important to say that this is not all about virtual clubs - it's about being smarter. If a club is working well, everyone's happy and membership is growing - great. If not, working with a neighbouring club, or becoming part of a network, mnay not be a bad thing. For example, in Essex and Suffolk there have been very successful multi-club events - in some cases, where a club doesn;t have skills in a certain area, a neighbouring club might.


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