Re: Removing clubs from training and exams?


No body would want to stop clubs doing training and in an ideal world there would be a club reasonably near to those that wanted to do the exam. However clubs and club membership is in decline and costs for clubs are increasing. Taking the exam is not an issue , in remote places it can be done at a local school. Sending a trainer to a persons house may involve having two trainers go to meet regulations. Doing the practical is the big issue and then  providing support after  the exam is passed.
If you want to do the practical at some ones house you need to take up two of every thing to do the contacts bit. You can not rely on other Radio Amateurs coming back to calls, you need to arrange for a second person to be out side with operational gear. When the exam is passed you will in many cases have to advise on what to do next and provide support to maintain interest.
I deal with one of the most remote areas of Scotland, training needs to be organised  to suit the convenience of the person seeking it
Barrie P Spink  GM0KZX 

On Thu, 10 Oct 2019 at 11:17, Allan Gallop <allangallop88@...> wrote:
Honestly I disagree, in fact clubs should be more involved in training and exams. My concern is with those who have difficulty traveling and/or otherwise disabled, with the new online exam system the avenue is now opened for potentially more people to be able to join the hobby, should club trainers be able to train and moderate exams from a person's home.. a feat only possible by local clubs. I think the RSGB should do more in the way of empowering clubs with tools to make this happen.

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