Re: One to rule them all

Elizabeth Bruton

Thanks - I think separate plugin and theme would work best and all of
the features sounds useful. ODARS is a small club so I don't think
we'd have use for a members only blog roll but I'm sure other clubs

Again thanks,


On Mon, 20 May 2019 at 06:51, <> wrote:

Hi Liz,
Thanks that's great, so maybe it would be best deployable as two separate packages, a theme and a plugin so existing sites can maintain their original theme?

I had a think last night of some features I'd like to see:
- Members as WP users (so users can maintain their own profiles, passwords, renewal details ala GDPR)
- New WP user groups
- Membership forms
- Integrate Privacy, GDPR & Cookie statements
- Members only blog roll
- Events Calendar w/subscribe
- Event Ticketing / Manager

The last idea I had was to include a facility to permit pages to act as independent blog rolls so all content can be delivered as Post's using categories instead of having to manipulate Pages


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